Mad River’s 17th is breathtaking, unfolding 606 yards and falling 74 feet to its lowest point. Dense wetlands hug the entire left side while deep woods lie along the opposite edge, punctuated by mounds and bunkers right of the landing area. The mid- to long-iron second shot gradually slopes downhill towards the corner of the dogleg, bringing the large pond on the right into play. From the ideal landing area, the golfer is left with a short iron or wedge to a slightly elevated green that is one of the smallest greens on the course.

The bunker front right is well below the putting surface, and any ball further off line will find the pond. Shots favouring the left side, if not precise, will settle on a steep slope, with hummocks and depressions covered in deep rough. Even the accurately placed shot must deal with a green that slopes from front to back, and left to right, then falls off sharply to deep rough along its back and right sides. Like almost all greens at Mad River, the green will accept a shot bounced into the slight rise at the front of the green, though it must be precisely placed to hold.

Hole 17
Hole 17 Hole 17-2